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English success Sochi 2014
goud spelen Sochi 2014Elizabeth Yarnold
Sochi Individual
zilver spelen Sochi 2014David Murdoch
Greg Drummond
Scott Andrews
Michael Goodfellow
Sochi Curling
brons spelen Sochi 2014Eve Muirhead
Anna Sloan
Vicki Adams
Claire Hamilton
Sochi Curling
brons spelen Sochi 2014Jenny Jones
Sochi Slopestyle
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Medal Count Winter Olympics Sochi 2014

Great Britain does not have the best Winter Games record, but we may certainly look forward to Sochi 2014, as Lizzy Yarnold (Skeleton), Jenny Jones (Slopestyle Snowboard) and both Curling Teams are among the favourites in their respective sports. With so few chances, a (gold) medal would be even more special to us.

Ole Einar Bjørndalen from Norway has a whole different target than winning 'only' one medal. He may become the best Olympic athlete ever if he wins two medals in Sochi. Still he is trailing fellow compatriot Bjørn Dæhlie by two medals. The latter has been the record holder since Nagano 1998 with twelve medals of which eight are made of gold.

It will be difficult for Bjørndalen to surpass Dæhlie, as it already should have happened four years ago in Vancouver. The now fourty-year old Norwegian however qualified for Sochi 2014 albeit not in great form. He definitely has chances in the Teams and to a lesser extent individually.

 goud spelen Sochi 2014zilver spelen Sochi 2014brons spelen Sochi 2014  total
1Russian Federation  Russian Federation  13  11  933
2Norway  Norway  11  5  1026
3Canada  Canada  10  10  525
4United States  United States  9  7  1228
5Netherlands  Netherlands  8  7  924
6Germany  Germany  8  6  519
7Switzerland  Switzerland  6  3  211
8Belarus  Belarus  5  0  16
9Austria  Austria  4  8  517
10France  France  4  4  715
11Poland  Poland  4  1  16
12China  China  3  4  29
13South Korea  South Korea  3  3  28
14Sweden  Sweden  2  7  615
15Czech Republic  Czech Republic  2  4  28
16Slovenia  Slovenia  2  2  48
17Japan  Japan  1  4  38
18Finland  Finland  1  3  15
19Great Britain  Great Britain  1  1  24
20Ukraine  Ukraine  1  0  12
21Slovakia  Slovakia  1  0  01
22Italy  Italy  0  2  57
23Latvia  Latvia  0  2  24
24Australia  Australia  0  2  13
25Croatia  Croatia  0  1  01
26Kazakhstan  Kazakhstan  0  0  11

All Time Medal Count

 goud spelen Sochi 2014zilver spelen Sochi 2014brons spelen Sochi 2014tot.
2United StatesUnited States878770244
8Russian FederationRussian Federation494035124
16Great BritainGreat Britain1041226
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Best Winter Olympians of all time

 goud spelen Sochi 2014zilver spelen Sochi 2014brons spelen Sochi 2014tot.
1Ragnhild Myklebust223227
2Reinhild Moeller193123
3Gerd Schoenfelder164222
4Heinz Frei1461131
5Frank Höfle145524
6Cato Zahl Pedersen131014
7Rolf Heinzmann122014
8Sarah Will121013
9Terje Loevaas105318
10Ole Einar Bjørndalen84113
11Bjørn Dæhlie84012
12Marit Bjørgen63110
13Lyubov Yegorova6309
14Viktor An6028
15Lidia Skoblikova6006
16Claudia Pechstein5229
17Larisa Lazutina5117
17Clas Thunberg5117
19Thomas Alsgaard5106
20Bonnie Blair5016
21Eric Heiden5005
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